Darcy J. Currey sent me these photos of the nifty unit he made out of coat hangers & epoxy.  Actually the pictures he sent are nicer, I reduced their sizes a lot.   Darcy implemented LEDs for num lock, cap lock, scroll lock and more.  This required modifying the code in my download kit and adding some circuitry.  Darcy has made both changes available here.

This is what's seen by the user when he extends his invisible hand in front of his body, i.e., the view from the right in the picture below.
Note the extra chip and the LEDs at the left side of the board.  
This is really rather neat.  I tried using coat hangers but now I think I quit trying too soon.  The epoxy makes it all very clean.

Note his novel placement of the inboard keys right at the joint between the proximal and middle phalanges.  The big keys, I think, should allow use of stiffer switches.
This is the reverse view of the top image above, i.e., the viewer is distal looking proximally.
The key side
The PS/2 cable attaches to the whitish connector just left of top middle