These photos were sent to me by Stéphane Doutriaux who is the first person in the world to have used the download kit to build a prototype.  Since Stéphane changed practically everything described in the kit I can tell he is an engineer ;-)   I took the liberty of compressing the pictures to speed display over dialups.  The unit is quite wonderful and I thank him.

unit in hand
Stéphane carved this unit out of a single block of wood to fit his hand.

key side
He chose to include all 8 keys.  
Stéphane built the circuitry on perf board to save the expense of a pcb --- very wise if you're good with your hands as he obviously is.   Stéphane says he types 70 wpm on a qwerty.  I'm of course anxious to see how fast he becomes on the one-hander.  As much as I would like to, I can't really believe he (or anyone else) will get that fast.  

The original stock.