2008 10 14  Here is a 28-second Youtube video prepared for the Google 10^100 idea contest.  Those below  are much older.

Here are two very bad movies, each 19 seconds long and each a little less than a megabyte in size.
"Standing" shows the keyboard better but not the monitor.  "Sitting" shows the screen.  Subtracting
out the time spent picking up the keyboard, 7 words are typed in 14 seconds on the original,
uncompressed version: about 30 wpm.  I normally type a little faster than that (33 wpm) but not while
on stage.

standing.avi                                   sitting.avi

In Standing it can be noticed that after I have taken the keyboard in hand I briefly use the free hand to adjust the top brace.  This adjustment is peculiar to my prototype and would not be necessary on a manufactured unit.  The prototype doesn't have a proper ball joint for the pad -- instead it has a wire hook that loosely engages an oversized hole on the back of the pad.  This allows pivoting in all directions as desired but it often tends to catch and lock in a shifted position when first seated