Suppose you could buy a one-hand, wearable, computer keyboard that fits in your pocket and lets you type about as fast as, or even faster than, you can type on a regular desktop qwerty. Suppose it has a handy integrated mouse and requires only one hand --- it's operated by the same hand that holds it so you can use it while standing or walking. Suppose it's nicely manufactured and connects to computers, cell phones, game consoles, etc. through USB and/or Bluetooth ports.

Well, my ISP suddenly stopped supporting the polling script I was using here so no more polling for a while. The question was "How much would you pay for a device as described above?" Here are the results as of March 2010. The column labeled "Cumulative %" is the percentage of respondents who would pay up to the price in the first column. The column labeled "Percent" is the percentage of respondents who chose the amount in the first column as the maximum they would pay.  $50 was the minimum choice offered.

$    Cumulative %    Percent    Responses
 50   100.           22.83      197
100    77.17         52.95      457
200    24.22         19.00      164
400    5.21           3.82       33
800    1.39           1.39       12
                     Total =    863